Hi Stranger -

You're reaching the about page of Wisdom Trigger.
Wisdom Trigger is a story of a Wisdom Baby who has been being hatching by the Wisdomizers for years.

Once upon a time, a wisdom baby embarked on the journey of personal development.
I reached out Wisdomizers who navigate the rapids before me and has a good map to follow.

But they're all busy working on something important to the world...
They rejected my request to be a direct mentor and provide mentorship.......

Luckily, there's another type of mentor - indirect mentor.

Namely BOOKS!

One of the Wisdomizers had written: You can outsource 90 percent of mentorship to books and other materials.
200 - 500 books equals one good mentor.

Another Wisdomizer had even mentioned once in another Wisdomzier's podcast that he doesn't have any mentors.

"Books are my mentors. Books guide almost everything that I do." He said.

"The stuffs I learned from books totally guides my life." He stressed the fact again.

So I've become a book nerd. I read hundreds of books based on the Wisdomizers' recommendations.
The wisdom in those books turned me into this.

I wouldn't have the above achievements without the book recommendations from the Wisdomizers.
So I've spent a whole month to program this little site.
I want to give back to the community by spreading the Wisdomizers' book recommendations.

Become a Wisdom Baby with me. One day you'll become another Wisdomizer.

Enjoy. =]

- Wisdom Baby

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